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Activist-judge eradicates parental rights in Ontario; Suggests Christians surrender children to indoctrination, or quit public school system.

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A tipping point has been reached in Canada. Without immediate intervention, parental rights to direct the moral education of their own children will be lost in several respects.

The push to eradicate parental rights is so aggressive that we believe seeking remedy from elected officials, while important, will not succeed by itself as a strategy. The only viable way to pull Canada back from this tipping point is for parents and other stakeholders to fight back in the courts. That means lawsuits.


There is a disturbing trend in Canada’s educational system which is seeing inherent parental rights get trampled by a belligerent, government ideology . This state ideology seems determined to eradicate all traces of judeo-christian morality from society, and is using our schools to achieve that goal.

The charter right to religious freedom is being aggressively subverted by Ministry of Education and school board policies across Canada that are indoctrinating children in the classroom with philosophies that undermine the religious beliefs of their parents.


Quebec’s Ministry of Education is forcing all students in the province, whether in private or public school, to take a mandatory course in ‘moral relativism’, euphemistically named Ethics and Religious Culture. It teaches for instance, that all religions and ethical choices are equal. In an appeal process that is still ongoing, a Quebec Superior Court decision provided exemption for a private Catholic boys’ school, ruling that the government was "totalitarian" to impose its course on that school. The Quebec government has since appealed that decision to the Supreme court, at great cost to the families involved.


Former Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty and his then Education Minister, Kathleen Wyne, rolled out implementation of a highly controversial gay equity policy for the 2011 school year. It was called the Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy" (EIES) and targeted both Catholic and public schools. The EIES uses the classroom as a vehicle to indoctrinate students into total acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle, a controversial idea which attacks the religious beliefs that many parents, especially new immigrants, instil in their kids at home. This represented an unconstitutional abuse of power, using state-sponsored propaganda to subvert parents’ rights over the moral education of their own kids. Dalton McGuinty also admitted at Toronto’s 2011 gay pride parade, that his government was aiming to change "attitudes" on homosexuality, a process he said "should begin in the home."

The role of government does not include turning children against the religious beliefs of their parents. Yet, below are a few examples from Wynne/McGuinty’s EIE government documents which illustrate this is precisely what’s happening. McGuinty’s EIE directive recommends that all schools should:

  • celebrate the Gay Pride Parade as "equity-related work"
  • set up openly homosexual student clubs know as ‘Gay-Straight Alliances’ (GSAs)
  • help teachers to "modify personal beliefs"

The negative effects of this controversial directive have already been seen in the following example:

  • The Toronto District School Board announced that it will no longer allow parents to opt-out their kids from lessons that affirm the gay lifestyle, nor provide parental notification of such lessons, even if requested. Teachers will be compelled to teach this material, even if it conflicts with their religious beliefs.
  • The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board told a Christian parent that his request to be notified about gay-affirming lessons will not be accommodated, nor is he allowed to withdraw his kids. They said it would be "discriminatory" to honour his request. See Current Case.

Dalton McGuinty’s controversial equity doctrine quickly spread to other provinces, with similar policies popping up in Burnaby, BC and Edmonton, AB. It will spread across Canada. Subsequently, the EIES policy spawned even more intrusive policies which had the effect, and quite likely, the objective, of subverting parents rights.  One such policy was a revised Sex Education curriculum for Grades 1 - 8 that is age-inappropriate, overly explicit and directly contradicts the moral & religious values of traditionally-principled families.  For instance, starting in September 2015, it will teach 8 year olds to believe that a boy might actually be a girl, and vice versa, if they so desire. It would also introduce these impressionable young children to "anal intercourse", "oral sex"  and encourage them to carry condoms on their person. The Liberal government's Sex Ed curriculum does not once mention the words "love" or "marriage", leaving children with the unmistakable (and harmful) impression that "pleasure"  is the only purpose of sex. 


If parents do not beat back this government incursion against parent rights, it will usher in an era of persecution, against people of faith, like never seen before in Canada. The Parental Rights in Education Defense Fund has been created to help parents fight back, in the courts. The constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is on our side.

Our legal defence fund will immediately provide financial assistance to a parent in Hamilton. This legal action seeks to entrench a guaranteed right for all parents in Ontario to withdraw their children from lessons that violate their religious beliefs.

Requests for assistance in other school board jurisdictions across Canada will be assessed based on the merits of the application and the fund’s financial resources. Assistance may also be extended to students and teachers.

While legal action is the surest avenue to protect parental rights, it also carries the largest financial burden, especially against governments and school boards which have virtually unlimited financial resources from the government.

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